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Defining social norms and related concepts

This report defines social norms as the perceived unwritten rules deemed acceptable and influential in guiding human behaviour within a community. Social norms can be beneficial or harmful and influence collective change. The report distinguishes injunctive norms, descriptive norms, moral norms, and attitudes to establish behaviour change interventions.

Digital safety risk assessment in action: A framework and bank of case studies

23 May 2023
This report contains a framework and case studies for digital safety risk assessment. The case studies cover topics such as trust and safety best practices, human rights due diligence, and child safety in gaming and immersive worlds.

Addressing harmful online content: A perspective from broadcasting and on-demand standards regulation

This discussion paper presents broadcasting and on-demand standards regulation as a model to address harmful online content. It calls for transparency in platform moderation, a flexible approach to regulation in an environment of free expression, and harmonisation of a regulatory approach for globally accessible content.
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