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Assessment of the six largest pesticide companies’ approaches to addressing biodiversity loss

31 October 2023
This assessment evaluates the approaches of six leading pesticide companies toward addressing biodiversity loss. None of the companies has committed to phasing out highly hazardous pesticides, and progress in reporting and disclosure is limited. Investors are urged to heed recommendations and use the report to guide engagements.

The investor’s guide to hazardous chemicals: An introduction to harmful substances, ChemScore and the Investor Initiative on Hazardous Chemicals (IIHC)

24 January 2023
The investor guide to hazardous chemicals explains the dangers of chemical pollution, how to identify companies with high chemical footprints, and the tactics that investors can use to engage with these firms. The report also presents the 2022 ChemScore rankings, and a list of questions to ask chemical companies.

Petrochemicals: Major credits, carbon risks, green bonds

This report reviews the petrochemical industry from a joint macro, credit specialist and climate mitigation perspective. It highlights that the industry has the highest energy demand and is the third-largest direct CO2 emitter. The first green bonds came out in 2020, although the sector’s environmental alignment remains questionable to investors.

The little book of investing in nature

11 January 2021
Governments and investors are increasingly aware of their responsibility in promoting biodiversity through finance. This book features a comprehensive guide to developing sustainable investment strategies and planning, investment activities to pursue and avoid, case studies of current and past efforts, and an overview of the investment options which promote biodiversity.

Curbing methane emissions: how five industries can counter a major climate threat

23 September 2021
This McKinsey Sustainability report discusses the climate impact of methane emissions in five key sectors: agriculture, oil and gas, coal mining, waste management, and wastewater. Existing barriers for abatement of methane emission and potential solutions and trade-offs for stakeholders to consider are presented.

Bankrolling extinction: The banking sector's role in the global biodiversity crisis

6 January 2020
This report explores the contribution of the banking sector to the biodiversity crisis and the destruction of nature as of 2019. The report ranks the 50 largest banks globally based on their financing of unethical operations, finding a large impact on deforestation, ecosystem destruction and overfishing.

Political leadership on climate change: The role of health in Obama era U.S. climate policies

24 September 2020
To overcome climate action inertia that many governments are experiencing, the paper proposes that health can be used as a core motivator for climate action. This idea is explored through the case study of the Obama administration’s climate mitigation policies.
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