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The intersection of Responsible AI and ESG: A framework for investors

This report provides actionable insights for investors exploring the integration of Responsible AI (RAI) in their investment decisions. It offers a framework to assess the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) usage by companies. The report includes case studies of globally listed companies and a set of templates to support investors in implementing the framework.

The global risks report 2024: 19th edition

12 January 2024
This report outlines global risks in 2024 and 2034, in an effort to provide insight to government and business leaders about the potential threats of the future. The report highlights potential global risks ranging from false information, economic uncertainty, climate change, AI dominance, to an increase in conflict and organised crimes.

Artificial intelligence risk management framework (AI RMF 1.0)

This framework is a guide to promote safe, secure and transparent use of AI systems. The Framework provides four key functions – govern, map, measure and manage - with further categories and subcategories for risk management in AI systems.

Human rights and technology: Final report

The report highlights how Australia can achieve innovation while upholding human rights. It offers recommendations on how to protect and promote human rights while responsibly using new technologies. The Commission consulted industry, government, civil society, academia, and leading experts worldwide, producing a template for further accountability and human rights protection.

Energy technology perspectives 2023

This report examines risks and opportunities surrounding the development and scale-up of clean energy and technology supply chains through the lenses of energy security, resilience, and sustainability. It analyses critical questions around clean energy and technology supply chains and presents policy recommendations for governments, businesses, investors and citizens around the world.

Do androids dream of responsible investment? Exploring responsible investment in the age of information

16 April 2020
This report provides insight into the emerging responsible investment risks surrounding technology. The report covers four key areas of concern; bias and discrimination, manipulation and influencing behaviour, big tech and market dominance, and automation and the future of work, alongside case studies and recommended questions for asset owners.

Concrete problems in AI safety

25 July 2016
This paper explores practical research issues associated with accidents in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) systems, due to incorrect objectives, scalability, or choice of behaviour. The authors present five research problems in the field, suggesting ways to mitigate risks in modern machine learning systems.

Toward a G20 framework for artificial intelligence in the workplace

This report advocates for creating a high-level, G20 framework using a set of principles for the introduction and management of big data and AI in the workplace. The paper identifies main issues and suggests two paths towards adoption.

The state of AI in 2022 - and a half decade in review

31 December 2022
The adoption of AI has more than doubled, with a peak of 58% in past years. The report highlights the importance of best practices and investing in AI as it is shown to bring financial returns. However, the majority of organisations are not mitigating risks associated with AI despite increasing use.

The state of AI governance in Australia

This report reveals that Australian organisations lack structured governance around AI systems. Corporate leaders should invest in expertise, create a comprehensive AI strategy, implement addressing risks and support a human-centered culture. The appropriate governance of AI systems is critical for corporate leaders to mitigate risks.
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