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Financial crimes and land conversion: Uncovering risk for financial institutions

This report outlines the risks financial institutions face due to land conversion and related financial crimes. It emphasises the convergence of land conversion with crimes like money laundering and corruption, highlighting the need for robust due diligence and risk assessment. It introduces an Environmental Crimes Financial Toolkit to aid institutions in mitigating these risks.

Time to accelerate: Capital mobilisation for the SDGs in emerging markets

This progress report details two years of capital mobilisation for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in emerging markets. It highlights the need for government and private investors to take action if the SDG financing gap is to be closed, and outlines strategies for scaling private investment and reducing investment risks.

Transparency, traceability and deforestation in the Ivorian cocoa supply chain

13 September 2022
This report quantifies cocoa-driven deforestation in Côte d'Ivoire and assesses the traceability of the cocoa supply chain. Findings reveal that 46% of deforestation and forest degradation in the region over 2000-2019 was due to cocoa production. Only 43.6% of exports can be traced back to specific cooperatives and departments.

Global microscope 2020: The role of financial inclusion in the COVID-19 response

This report is a study of the enabling environment for financial inclusion in 55 low to middle income countries. It focuses on the role of financial inclusion in terms of how governments in those countries responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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