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Abhilasha Chinnaswamy

Healthcare management graduate


Master of Health Service Management graduate from UTS 2020, having work experience in dentistry and healthcare management. Being a passionate and enthusiast in health care delivery system, keen to improve the finance and sustainable healthcare, by developing deep expertise and numerous soft skills. Strongly believe in hard working and eager to learn attitude.

Abhilasha Chinnaswamy


The dialogue: The impact of climate change on mortality and retirement incomes in Australia

This report analyses climate change risks to Australians’ health and finances to understand the implications climate change poses to insurers, pension providers and policy-makers. Finding that bushfires, heatwaves and infectious illnesses pose risks to human health and finances resulting in higher mortality, lower superannuation balances and lower retirement incomes.

Rethinking food and agriculture 2020-2030: The second domestication of plants and animals, the disruption of the cow, and the collapse of industrial livestock farming

14 September 2019
Rethinking food and agriculture focuses on new technologies driving the transformation of the food and agriculture sectors and the implications for the cattle industry in the United States. It argues that 2020-2030 will see the current industrialised, animal-agriculture system be replaced with a Food-as-Software model.

SDG Industry Matrix: Transportation

The main purpose of the Matrix is to attract and influence the transportation industry to take measures that drive the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Matrix provides industry specific ideas and leading examples for each SDG, and outlines opportunities for the industry, as well as society, through shared value.