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Hanna Ranstrand

Currently a Master of Commerce student in Global Sustainability and Social Impact at the University of New South Wales. Having previously studied Finance at McGill University, I am really interested in the intersection of sustainability and finance and believe in its ability to achieve lasting and meaningful change.

Hanna Ranstrand


Empty nets: How overfishing risks leaving investors stranded

In a report written under the Fish Tracker Initiative, this document provides an overview of seafood exposure in equity capital markets, focusing on fishing related risks. This report is written with the purpose of aligning the world's capital markets with sustainable management of fisheries and aquaculture.

Charting Asia's protein journey

3 September 2018
This report written by Asia Research and Engagement examines the impact of Asia's growing protein consumption, and analyses the environmental and social consequences of this trend. The authors also put forward possible ways through which producers, consumer, regulators, banks and investors can facilitate the transition to sustainable protein.

Mapping of global responsible investment best practices

31 December 2017
Responsible investment is gaining momentum globally as an integral part of asset management, incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations into investment decision-making. Inflection Point Capital Management analyses the efforts by a number of asset owners to implement responsible investment processes, and provides best practices for institutional investors to follow.

Implementing inclusive business models: How business can work with low-income communities

This paper makes the case for why businesses should implement inclusive business models and engage low-income populations along their value chains. It identifies common market constraints of inclusive business models and how to overcome them.