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Biodiversity risk: Legal implications for companies and their directors

The report analyses the legal obligations of company directors with regards to biodiversity risk. The report examines emerging disclosure standards, provides a jurisdictional spotlight, and includes case studies to illustrate the corporate interface with biodiversity.

The changing climate policy landscape: Considerations for policymakers and the needs of investors

This report outlines eight key features of effective global climate policies. It analyses how different approaches to policy design shape capital markets' responses. The report also calls on governments to create policies with clear short, medium, and long-term targets that provide the right incentives and ensure a just transition.

Innovation and resilience: A global snapshot of social enterprise responses to Covid-19

This report offers a global overview of social enterprise responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. It identifies innovation and agility as critical factors for survival. However, it notes that women-led and youth-led social enterprises face higher closure rates, greater reductions in activity, and more limited access to government support.

Transition risks in the automotive sector

2 August 2018
This report analyses the potential valuation of BMW, Daimler, and Volkswagen under two different climate change scenarios and pathways. The study reveals insights for equity analysis and company engagement with sensitivity to regional and technological factors. Authors present a warning not to see findings as investment recommendations or forecast.

Making global goals local business: A new era for responsible business

This report highlights the need for private sector involvement in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda. It showcases the progress made so far by various companies and organizations and the role they play in building a better world through responsible business practices.

Directors' liability and climate risk: White paper on India

This paper explores the legal obligations of directors in addressing climate risk and mitigating their environmental impact. This report studies the duties of directors in relation to trust and loyalty, competence, disclosure, and their application in the context of climate risk, according to existing company and securities laws in India.

The importance of resource security for poverty eradication

26 April 2021
This report analyses the impact of resource scarcity on national economies and poverty. It found that 72% of the world’s population live in countries with biocapacity deficits and below-average income, creating an ecological poverty trap. Biological resource security is crucial for development success.

Climate scenario analysis: Cement's financial performance under 2°c and 2.7°c

26 July 2018
The Climate Scenario Analysis report examines the financial implications of climate transition scenarios on the cement sector's future. The report provides useful insights to company analysis and financial risk analysis for the cement sector, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of the impact of climate transition scenarios.

Tobacco free portfolios: The toolkit 12th edition

28 January 2020
This toolkit by Tobacco Free Portfolios offers a framework for finance professionals to invest in tobacco-free portfolios. The toolkit covers various areas including the Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge, prospective investment risks and case studies, with a call to action for the industry to follow.

Future of sustainability in investment management: From ideas to reality

25 November 2020
This report examines sustainable investing, considering the increasing investor demand for ESG factors and how to adapt to the sustainability paradigm. It identifies business model and investment model drivers, as well as operating and people model enablers and the challenges and skills required for integrating ESG.
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