Contributors are the heart and soul of Altiorem.

This group of generous volunteers complete the summaries of research and tools which are collected on Altiorem. Contributors benefit by extending their learning with applied research skills, being mentored by industry experts, and making a positive contribution to changing finance for good.

We are also incredibly grateful to our university partners at University of Technology Sydney, The University of New South Wales and Monash University.
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  1. Ramiz Shakil

  2. Patricia Bazzard

  3. Nithya Iyer

    Nithya Iyer is an independent researcher and consultant with over ten years experience working on various projects across the Australian responsible investment industry.

  4. Abbey Ling Thorley

    Abbey is an emerging sustainability practitioner. She is a contributor at Altiorem and EB Impact, and is pursuing a graduate degree in Environmental Science at the University of Sydney. Raised between Hong Kong and Australia, she is interested in how changing global dynamics will shape the new sustainable world.

  5. Xavier Logan

    A business and innovation student with a strong passion for philosophy, ethics and the morality of business.

  6. Ashleigh Steeles

    I am passionate about ethically and socially responsible investing and the potential to make changes through financial advice.

  7. Emerson Brown

    I am currently in training to become a Senior Consultant at FactSet Research Systems and plan on using my knowledge in ESG and sustainability to deliver the best possible outcomes for my clients.

  8. Sophie Hansen

    I have a learned practical and theoretical knowledge of the natural world that surrounds us as well as the structures that underpinn our societies. I have gained this through academic and volunteer opportunities and believe a well rounded, holistic approach is vital in tackling sustainable finance and climate related issues.

  9. Lucy Lu

    Currently a Master of Financial Analysis student at the University of New South Wales. Having previously studied Finance and Accounting at the University of New South Wales, I am really interested in the intersection of sustainability and finance and believe in its ability to better serve people and the planet.

  10. Craig Blundell

    Business focused analytics professional with a career spanning multiple industries including extensive experience in the finance and energy sectors.


  11. Kirsten Temple

    Kirsten is an experienced asset consultant, with a background in manager research and consulting in Australia and the UK. Responsible investment is a core part of her role and a personal passion.

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