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Developing a public private partnership approach to increase financial inclusion for modern slavery survivors in Mexico

This report provides insight into the development of a public-private partnership approach to increase financial access for modern slavery survivors in Mexico. The pilot intervention aims to improve financial inclusion of vulnerable populations, contributing to reducing and preventing trafficking and slavery. The report also highlights barriers to financial access, emphasising the importance of identifying illicit flows and increasing financial inclusion for at-risk groups.

The impact potential assessment framework (IPAF) for financial products

The Impact Potential Assessment Framework for financial products (IPAF) is a multi-purpose tool developed to assess products based only on their actions to generate real-life impact. Using public information, it evaluates the product's maximum impact potential through four widely documented mechanisms.

Are pharma companies addressing sexual and reproductive health access barriers for women and girls?

This report examines the role of pharmaceutical companies in addressing access barriers hindering women and girls’ sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) globally. It assesses their research on new SRHR medicines and products, pricing strategies, company capacity building efforts, and inclusive business models.

Geopolitics of the energy transition: Critical materials

This paper explores strategic approaches for ensuring a sustainable energy transition by investigating the geopolitical aspects of critical materials including their supply chain, responsible efficiency, emergence of new technologies, their impact on labour rights, as well as suggesting ways to mitigate their risks and boost cooperation between countries.

Impact in place: Emerging sources of community investment capital and strategies to direct it at scale

This report presents emerging sources of capital for community investing through corporations, client solutions and community-driven investing. The report discusses how this field could shape the future of community investment.

Australian Social Impact Investing Taskforce: A Commonwealth strategy to build a mature and self-sustaining social impact investing market that improves the lives of vulnerable Australians

17 November 2020
The report details a strategy to support early-stage social enterprises and foster growth in social impact investment (SII) opportunities. The report explores four action areas for government and stakeholders to accelerate SII growth and improve social impact measurement.

The case for care: Catalysing investments into the care economy in South and Southeast Asia

This report provides insights for investors to catalyse investments in the emerging 'care economy' in South and Southeast Asia. The report identifies key gaps, challenges, and opportunities for individuals and institutions seeking to invest in childcare, eldercare, and other care-related services.

Higher cost of finance exacerbates a climate investment trap in developing economies

30 June 2021
This study investigates how different weighted average cost of capital (WACC) assumptions impact decarbonisation pathways for developing economies. The results demonstrate the disproportionate impact of high capital costs between regions, with green electricity production potentially 35% lower in Africa, increasing the risk of a climate investment trap.

Innovation: How does innovation drive change for gender inclusion in business, finance and investment?

26 July 2023
This report examines how innovation is driving change for gender inclusion in business, finance and investment. Drawing from over 100 expert interviews and case studies, the report identifies a range of innovations that are making finance more inclusive for women and concludes with the most powerful actions for driving gender equality.

Unlocking investment capital for Indigenous Peoples

This paper tackles the challenges faced by Indigenous communities in accessing investment capital. It explores capital requirements and common barriers to obtaining the necessary funding, providing recommendations to fill gaps in access, provide support, and facilitate positive partnerships.
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