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Climate scorpion – the sting is in the tail: Introducing planetary solvency

The report explores the risks and impact of climate change on a global scale. The report emphasises the need for a realistic risk assessment urgently and laying out a blueprint on developing a Planetary Solvency framework.

Safe and just Earth system boundaries

31 May 2023
This report sets safe and just Earth system boundaries (ESBs) for domains including climate, nitrogen, and phosphorus, and identifies sub-global ESBs for avoiding Earth system destabilization. Achieving these ESBs requires a systemic transformation across sectors and addressing drivers of Earth system change for a safe and just future.

Earth beyond six of nine planetary boundaries

9 September 2023
Six of nine planetary boundaries are exceeding safe thresholds, with ocean acidification and aerosol loading at tipping points. Maintaining functional biosphere integrity requires controlling human appropriation of net primary production. Earth system modelling illustrates the need to consider anthropogenic impacts on Earth in a systemic way.

Climate endgame: Exploring catastrophic climate change scenarios

29 July 2022
This report explores the potential for worldwide societal collapse and human extinction due to anthropogenic climate change. It argues that this topic has not been given enough consideration despite existing evidence of catastrophic outcomes. The proposed research agenda seeks to understand the likelihood and mechanisms of such events and their implications for policy.

Rethinking impact to finance the SDGs

This paper examines the financing gap for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and proposes new innovative solutions for stakeholders, including the need for stronger integrated planning, strategic thinking and policy integration to meet the US$5-7tn annual financing requirement.

Reinventing capitalism: A transformation agenda

This issue brief by World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) explores the need for a reinvented capitalism that prioritises true value over value extraction. It examines the unsustainable outcomes of contemporary capitalism and presents a transformation agenda to help steer businesses towards a sustainable global economy.

Creating city portraits: A methodological guide from The Thriving Cities Initiative

This report introduces a practical approach to visualizing sustainable urban development. Based on the 'doughnut' concept, the guide provides insight into the holistic nature of thriving cities and acts as a transformative tool for policymakers.

Summary for policymakers of the methodological assessment regarding the diverse conceptualisation of multiple values of nature and its benefits, including biodiversity and ecosystem functions and services

9 July 2022
This paper is on the diverse conceptualisations of multiple values of nature, its benefits, and the valuation of nature asserts that policymaking frequently ignores nature's assorted values, focusing on only a small subset, and details how diversity in valuation is salient but challenging.

Global tipping points

The 2023 report explores ways to prevent potentially irreversible changes to the Earth's natural systems and recommends coordinated global action and governance. It also highlights positive tipping points in technology, economics, and society that can aid a sustainable future.


ENCORE (Exploring Natural Capital Opportunities, Risks and Exposure) is a free, online tool that helps organisations explore their exposure to nature-related risk and take the first steps to understand their dependencies and impacts on nature.
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