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Nature positive economies: Progress, lessons and next frontiers

This report provides insights, lessons, and frontiers to help put nature at the heart of economic decisions. System-wide change is required to protect, restore, invest in and maintain nature. The report offers knowledge on building a sustainable economy while ensuring everyone benefits from and values nature.

Do high-ability managers choose ESG projects that create shareholder value? Evidence from employee opinions

24 June 2020
Are ESG projects compatible with shareholder value? Managers face a challenge when they decide which ESG projects to select with limited clarity on allowed investments. The paper uses MSCI ESG ratings and Glassdoor employee ratings to demonstrate that high-calibre managers put their resources towards ESG projects and thereby enhance shareholder value.

Inside out inclusion: How to make better decisions and create an amazing team culture by valuing and including different viewpoints, styles and people

23 January 2020
This report presents an inside-out inclusion model for improving team culture and decision-making. It covers how to improve self-awareness, value people, work together, make decisions, and adapt and grow. The model is backed by frameworks, tools, and reflection exercises.

Assessing pharma companies’ response to COVID-19 and the threat of future pandemics

This report analyses pharmaceutical companies’ response during the initial stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, their performance in terms of registration and applying equitable access strategies for COVID-19 vaccines, voluntary licensing agreements and technology transfers, and forward-looking assessment of their preparedness for future epidemics and pandemics.

Impact investing handbook: An implementation guide for practitioners

This report is an implementation guide for impact investing practitioners. It includes chapters on defining impact investing, identifying players involved, setting impact goals, selecting impact investment tools and structures, measuring and managing impact, and implementing best practices. The guide is informative, objective, and designed to inform the impact investment strategy.

Catalysing bank climate action: Lessons from the inside

This report shares insights from the Climate Safe Lending Fellowship, a programme for banking professionals committed to accelerating the decarbonisation of their institutions. The report offers practical approaches and tools used by climate intrapreneurs to help their banks transition toward climate-safe banking.

Climate emergency – tipping the odds in our favour: A climate-change policy briefing for COP27

This paper is a policy briefing for COP27 which presents potential solutions for stabilizing the climate, assessing the level of risk inherent in the current approach to climate change, and explores how society can accelerate climate action. It uses a risk-management approach to assess how climate change is being managed.

New pathways to achieve social and environmental goals: How leading corporations use impact investing to align capital and purpose

This report examines how leading corporations use impact investing to pursue environmental and social goals. It contains case studies of companies such as PayPal and Schneider Electric, showcasing their impact investing practices and strategies.

Net zero: Practical guide for finance teams

This guide is a valuable resource for organisations striving towards net zero emissions. From developing internal culture to accessing finance, this guide provides practical advice for finance teams seeking to develop an effective strategy.

Don't #@!% the planet

17 November 2023
This guide is created to share the experience of building a net-zero sustainability program. The guide is presented in two parts, and includes Atlassian's materiality assessment, the steps they took to reduce emissions, and their efforts to push beyond net-zero.
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