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Tobacco free portfolios: The toolkit 12th edition

28 January 2020
This toolkit by Tobacco Free Portfolios offers a framework for finance professionals to invest in tobacco-free portfolios. The toolkit covers various areas including the Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge, prospective investment risks and case studies, with a call to action for the industry to follow.

The future of tobacco stocks: a scenario analysis

This report identifies drivers of change within the tobacco industry and the potential risk factors that may arise as a result. The report conducts a scenario analysis that maps out three potential outcomes for the industry and the relative impact on the share price of the world’s largest tobacco companies.

Tobacco: Reviewing the growing financial risks

30 November 2018
Addresses the performance declines in the tobacco industry and presents evidence of how it can be a financial risk for investors. It examines industry trends and outlooks in the context of varying future scenarios and provides recommendations to support future investment decisions.

The Tobacco Report: How divesting from tobacco affected returns over 20 years

28 February 2019
This report discusses the investment performance of investment portfolios containing tobacco companies and those that excluded tobacco companies. The research concludes that there was no statistically different performance between portfolios that included and excluded tobacco companies over the last 20 years.
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