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Beyond diversity: Equity and inclusion as an overlooked opportunity for investors

27 July 2021
This research identifies diversity, equity, and inclusion as instruments for creating stronger business performance and highlights the potential opportunity cost incurred by businesses and investors that overlook the possibility of equity and inclusion deficits.

Tobacco free portfolios: The toolkit 12th edition

28 January 2020
This toolkit by Tobacco Free Portfolios offers a framework for finance professionals to invest in tobacco-free portfolios. The toolkit covers various areas including the Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge, prospective investment risks and case studies, with a call to action for the industry to follow.

Energy technology perspectives 2023

This report examines risks and opportunities surrounding the development and scale-up of clean energy and technology supply chains through the lenses of energy security, resilience, and sustainability. It analyses critical questions around clean energy and technology supply chains and presents policy recommendations for governments, businesses, investors and citizens around the world.

G-20: Data enhancement and coordination in SME finance

This stocktaking report examines small and medium enterprise finance indicators collected by development finance institutions. The analysis reveals the limits of SME finance data and underscores the need for better coordination and more gender-disaggregated data. Recommendations include a common collection approach and joint data-sharing of core indicators.

Study on sustainability - related ratings, data and research

26 August 2021
This study on sustainability-related ratings, data and research seeks to explore the sustainability data landscape and the issues related to the assessment and evaluation of sustainability performance. It examines various sustainability-related rating systems, methodologies, and data providers, with insights from asset managers, asset owners, and benchmark administrators.

Do androids dream of responsible investment? Exploring responsible investment in the age of information

16 April 2020
This report provides insight into the emerging responsible investment risks surrounding technology. The report covers four key areas of concern; bias and discrimination, manipulation and influencing behaviour, big tech and market dominance, and automation and the future of work, alongside case studies and recommended questions for asset owners.

Chapter Zero New Zealand Board Toolkit

28 March 2023
This toolkit is published to provide tools, support, and encouragement to prioritize climate change on boards and within organizations. The resource outlines 5 steps to ensure boards are well-equipped to address climate change, with relevant industry sector case studies.

Australian Social Impact Investing Taskforce: A Commonwealth strategy to build a mature and self-sustaining social impact investing market that improves the lives of vulnerable Australians

17 November 2020
The report details a strategy to support early-stage social enterprises and foster growth in social impact investment (SII) opportunities. The report explores four action areas for government and stakeholders to accelerate SII growth and improve social impact measurement.

Innovation: How does innovation drive change for gender inclusion in business, finance and investment?

26 July 2023
This report examines how innovation is driving change for gender inclusion in business, finance and investment. Drawing from over 100 expert interviews and case studies, the report identifies a range of innovations that are making finance more inclusive for women and concludes with the most powerful actions for driving gender equality.

Superannuation fund trustee duties and climate change - updated memorandum of opinion 2021

16 February 2021
This is an updated memorandum of opinion with the last one given in 2017. The report looks at recent regulatory and industry statements and develops a two-step approach superannuation trustees should take to remain compliant with their regulatory obligations. Trustees must understand the risk posed by climate change to investments and manage any identified risks.
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