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Catalytic capital: A key to aligning infrastructure investments with climate mitigation in emerging markets

This report provides a roadmap for directing more institutional capital toward climate infrastructure financing in emerging markets. It identifies the importance of using catalytic capital and outlines four themes crucial to its effective use: targeting, speed, support, and analysis. The report offers recommendations for how to address climate challenges through targeted catalytic interventions.

Experimental evidence for tipping points in social convention

8 June 2018
This study shows the theoretical and empirical existence of a tipping point for changing social conventions. Minority groups can overturn established behaviour by reaching a critical mass, expected to vary depending on social setting. The findings offer insight for organizations with potential shifts in conventional behaviour.

Mobilizing money and movements: Creative finance for food systems transformations

This report explores creative financing strategies for transforming food systems. Through six case studies, it showcases levers of change for transformational investing, including blended finance, shared ownership, and diverse investment types. The report emphasizes community engagement and local food production to build sustainable and resilient food systems.

Navigating the reporting landscape

This guide provides an introduction to sustainability-related reporting for finance professionals. It covers mandatory reporting requirements and reporting frameworks, as well as key reporting components for sustainability. The guide also explores recent developments in reporting standards and the accounting profession, highlighting the future of corporate reporting.

Social tipping dynamics for stabilizing Earth’s climate by 2050

4 February 2020
This report identifies the key actors capable of rapidly decarbonising industry, society, and economy, suggesting six social tipping elements to stabilise Earth's climate by 2050. The research provides social tipping elements candidates with their associated social tipping interventions and estimated time for triggering tipping.

A little less conversation, a little more action: 10 lessons learned from 10 years of helping investors to tackle climate

20 August 2021
The ISS ESG Climate Team presents 10 lessons for investors gleaned over a decade of tackling climate change. Through this summary, the authors offer insights on methodologies for climate scenario analysis, the intersection of reporting and acting, an effective climate voting process, the role of regulators in transparent carbon neutral investments, among other topics.

Impact investing decision-making: Insights on financial performance

This report explores the financial performance of impact investments in private debt, private equity, and real assets, based on a scoping exercise of the industry's published research. Nearly nine in ten impact investors find that their portfolios are either meeting or exceeding their financial performance expectations.

Future of sustainability in investment management: From ideas to reality

25 November 2020
This report examines sustainable investing, considering the increasing investor demand for ESG factors and how to adapt to the sustainability paradigm. It identifies business model and investment model drivers, as well as operating and people model enablers and the challenges and skills required for integrating ESG.

In search of impact: Measuring the full value of capital

This report outlines a sustainable investment framework, designed to empower individuals and organisations to better understand and make informed investment choices. The framework utilises six themes to communicate the impact of financial flows into the economy and contains theoretically grounded metrics that can be practically applied.

Impact investing for pensions

This report analyses the growth of impact investing strategies among European pension funds. The report examines challenges and opportunities, regulatory restrictions, impact measurement and management, private equity case studies, and emerging investments in affordable and social housing.
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