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Pablo Berrutti

I am a passionate and experienced financial services professional, committed to working with others to drive a real shift towards a sustainable, ethical and resilient financial system. I am also a husband, father of two children (and a dog!) and enjoy sport, cooking and brewing beer.


Professionally, I am the senior investment specialist for Stewart Investors, Sustainable Funds Group and founder of Altiorem. I was previously the head of responsible investment Asia Pacific for First Sentier Investors. I am director of the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia, sit on the coordinating working group of the Australian Sustainable Finance Initiative, and am on the Advisory committee of UNSW’s Australian Human Rights Institute.

We are building Altiorem because we believe that to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement, finance must play an important role with people inside and outside the industry advocating for and implementing the change we need. For this to happen the wealth of information which supports sustainable finance needs to be more accessible.

I hope Altiorem helps you in promoting sustainable finance – please let me know how we can make it better.

Pablo Berrutti


Tobacco: Reviewing the growing financial risks

30 November 2018
Addresses the performance declines in the tobacco industry and presents evidence of how it can be a financial risk for investors. It examines industry trends and outlooks in the context of varying future scenarios and provides recommendations to support future investment decisions.

Fiduciary duty in the 21st century: Final report

This is the final report from a four-year, multi-stakeholder/multi-jurisdiction research and engagement exercise. It demonstrates that environmental, social and governance integration is a component of investors' fiduciary duty. In order to fulfill this duty, regulators and policymakers must better understand fiduciaries’ needs and establish policies that support this approach.

Internal displacement from January to June 2019

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre's (IDMC) findings reveal the most significant displacements associated with conflict, violence and disasters around the world between January - June 2019. The report gives an insightful gauge of global displacements, 7.8 million triggered by disasters and 3.8 million by conflict and violence.

ASEAN 2019 Green finance: State of the market

31 December 2019
An overview of data by the Climate Bonds Initiative, illustrating market growth in ASEAN’s green, sustainable bond, and loan markets. ASEAN is an intergovernmental organisation integrating economic, educational, and sociocultural integration. ASEAN's issuance grew 98% in 2019 and makes up 3% of the global total.

Implementing inclusive business models: How business can work with low-income communities

This paper makes the case for why businesses should implement inclusive business models and engage low-income populations along their value chains. It identifies common market constraints of inclusive business models and how to overcome them.


The race of our lives revisited

31 August 2018
GMO's founder and long-term investment strategist, Jeremy Grantham, offers a wide-ranging analysis of interconnected environmental crises, explores solutions and makes recommendations for investors. The paper covers climate change, population growth, soil erosion and toxicity. It concludes by making the case for environmental investment strategies and fossil fuel divestment.