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The drawdown review 2020: Climate solutions for a new decade

Project Drawdown
This report analyses climate solutions that are proven, exist and will help reach drawdown. Drawdown is the point where greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are steadily declining, preventing further climate change. The climate solutions proposed are organised across three categories: reducing sources of emissions, supporting carbon sinks, and improving society.
21 December 2021

Blueprint for business leadership on the SDGs: A principles-based approach

United Nations Global Compact
Business cannot thrive unless people and planet are thriving. This publication presents a framework for the next generation of business leadership with the intention to foster contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals at scale.
25 November 2021

Waste and opportunity 2020: Searching for Corporate Leadership - 50 corporations ranked on plastic packaging pollution

As You Sow
The 2020 published report by As You Sow investigates 50 corporations and ranks them based on their performance in leadership and ambition relating to sustainable packaging of their products, while also taking into account their contributions and support to increase recycling rates and engage in producer responsibility efforts.
7 July 2021

Towards sustainable packaging materials: Examining the relative impact of materials in the natural source water and soft drinks value chain

Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
This report examines the impact of packaging materials for natural source water and soft drinks. The materials examined include plastic bottles, aluminium cans, glass bottles and multi-material cartons. To reduce impact, findings highlight that businesses should increase circularity and levels of recycled material for all material types.
24 June 2021

SDG Industry Matrix: Energy, natural resources and chemicals

United Nations Global Compact
The Industry Matrix aims to inspire and inform the private sector, driving it towards inclusiveness and sustainable prosperity by identifying opportunities for greater social and environmental change. This Matrix applies to industries involved in energy, natural resources and chemicals, outlining ways that companies can create value for shareholders as well as society.
18 July 2020
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