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The geography of Australia’s digital industries: Digital technology industry clusters in Australia’s capital cities and regions

This report documents the location of 96 digital technology industry clusters in Australia’s capital cities, regions, and suburbs. The report draws attention to the variables that affect industry growth and development, from company profit growth to housing affordability and quality of life.
28 February 2024

Montreal declaration for a responsible development of artificial intelligence

This report outlines a framework for responsible development of artificial intelligence. It provides principles that should guide ethical use of AI for the well-being of sentient beings, respect for autonomy, protection of privacy and intimacy, solidarity, democratic participation, equity, diversity inclusion, caution, responsibility, and sustainable development.
28 February 2024

Engaging the ICT sector on human rights: Freedom of opinion and expression

Investor Alliance for Human Rights
This report assesses freedom of opinion (FOE) and expression risks in the ICT sector. It identifies negative impacts and provides guidance for companies and investors on how to respect and promote FOE.
28 February 2024

Scaling finance for the Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations Global Compact
Explores the role of corporate partnerships and financial intermediaries that can scale finance and increase capital and activities in regions that are key for the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through case studies, it illustrates various pathways for capital markets to maximise SDG investments at acceptable risk levels.
2 November 2020

States of the apes: The impact of infrastructure development on biodiversity

Arcus Foundation
The impact of infrastructure projects on biodiversity are examined, using apes to illustrate how investors can contribute to biodiversity protection. A sustainable approach to infrastructure development, which mitigates environmental, financial and reputational risks of investment, is presented.
31 July 2020

Poverty Footprint

United Nations Global Compact
The Poverty Footprint is a tool that enables companies and partners to implement a people-centred assessment of corporate impacts on poverty. The report is used to better understand the impacts of operations and value chain on people and poverty, and to turn this learning into action.
24 July 2020

How to read a financial institution's policy: Analysing cluster munitions divestment policies

Financial institutions consider cluster munitions companies as inappropriate business partners and have made efforts to restrict their investment. Unfortunately, their policies contain loopholes that could still allow their financing. Several steps have been introduced in order to help analyse a financial institution's policy and prevent cluster munitions exposure in portfolios.
16 May 2020

Sustainable signals: Individual investor interest driven by impact, conviction and choice

Morgan Stanley
The report highlights key findings from Morgan Stanley’s Sustainable Signals survey. It focuses on individual investor attitudes, adoption rates and barriers to sustainable investment’s position in mainstream strategies. It supports the case for asset managers and financial advisors to expand solutions and capabilities in order to keep pace with increasing investor demand.
15 April 2020

Worldwide investments in cluster munitions: A shared responsibility

A 2018 report on worldwide investments in harmful cluster munitions. Two arms manufacturers recently ended production of cluster munitions, and more financial institutions and states are acting to end money going to producers. Despite declining investment from financial institutions, there are seven companies in the report still manufacturing.
5 February 2020
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