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The Authenticity Advantage

11 December 2023
This benchmark report highlights the link between authentic sustainability and improved business outcomes in Australian organisations. The report introduces the Authenticity Index™, measuring commitments, culture, and communication, demonstrating that high-scoring businesses experience better talent acquisition, productivity, retention, innovation, resilience, and profitability.

Communicating the scientific consensus on climate change: Diverse audiences and effects over time

10 October 2022
This study finds that communicating the scientific consensus on climate change increases understanding and engagement. Consensus messaging leads to updated beliefs across diverse audiences, with 40% of the original effect lasting 26 days. The treatment effect is most durable for those doubtful or dismissive of climate change.

Inside out inclusion: How to make better decisions and create an amazing team culture by valuing and including different viewpoints, styles and people

23 January 2020
This report presents an inside-out inclusion model for improving team culture and decision-making. It covers how to improve self-awareness, value people, work together, make decisions, and adapt and grow. The model is backed by frameworks, tools, and reflection exercises.

Mobilizing money and movements: Creative finance for food systems transformations

This report explores creative financing strategies for transforming food systems. Through six case studies, it showcases levers of change for transformational investing, including blended finance, shared ownership, and diverse investment types. The report emphasizes community engagement and local food production to build sustainable and resilient food systems.

Delivering through diversity

3 February 2018
This report shows that strong financial performance correlates with greater representation of women and ethnically/culturally diverse individuals in the leadership of large companies. Companies that invest in inclusion and diversity not only align with social justice but may also achieve competitive advantage and growth.

Beyond diversity: Equity and inclusion as an overlooked opportunity for investors

27 July 2021
This research identifies diversity, equity, and inclusion as instruments for creating stronger business performance and highlights the potential opportunity cost incurred by businesses and investors that overlook the possibility of equity and inclusion deficits.

Right direction, wrong equipment: Why transition risks do not fit into regulatory stress tests

The authors of this report explore the challenges of integrating climate-related risks into regulatory stress tests. They demonstrate that supervisory risk assessment frameworks struggle to capture long-term systemic risks, and offer recommendations for developing a 'long-term risk;' supervision 'infrastructure.'

Shifting the financial system: Accelerating sustainable finance at banks

This report provides insights from banking professionals on accelerating sustainable finance amid the challenges and opportunities of the global climate crisis. It analyses the role of banks in fostering sustainability, providing capital to low-carbon solutions, and aligning with Paris Agreement targets. The report gives recommendations for addressing climate change.

Education: Learning for Life: Why enterprise L&D is the next frontier In global education

10 November 2021
This report explores how enterprise learning and development is the next frontier in global education, and its impact on both private investors and policymakers. It breaks down the enterprise learning and development landscape, the opportunities and challenges, and offers insights on learning and development frameworks and employee engagement.

Converging on climate lobbying: Aligning corporate practice with investor expectations

This report details the importance of climate lobbying for the long-term interests of institutional investors. It covers recommendations for future engagement and case studies, and is primarily aimed at investment professionals. The report does not have any specific focus on discussing a list of companies, rather, it is an investor initiative that advocates for climate lobbying practices and investor expectations for companies globally.
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