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Climate change and economics 101: Teaching the greatest market failure

4 March 2019
This report analyses 27 introductory economics textbooks used in the US that cover micro and macroeconomics to assess their treatment of climate change. Authors find limited coverage in texts and that most texts relate climate change to the negative externality of carbon emissions. Market solutions such as cap-and-trade and carbon taxes are recommended.

Truth in impact: A Tideline guide to using the impact investment label

4 August 2021
This report provides insights on sustainable investing labelling. Investors can self-classify and maintain market integrity through clear, accurate labelling backed by independent verification. The report offers a proprietary Framework for Impact Labeling, case studies, and observations about sustainable investing.

Circular to management companies of SFC-authorised unit trusts and mutual funds ESG funds

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) released a new circular prescribing disclosure requirements and periodic assessments for SFC-authorised unit trusts and mutual funds that focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. Fund managers must include comprehensive disclosures in annual reports and take regular steps to ensure ESG investments align with a fund's intention.

Aggregate confusion: the divergence of ESG ratings

The research investigates the disagreement in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings between rating providers. Three factors are identified: measurement divergence, scope divergence and weight divergence. The paper argues for a standardisation of ESG indicators and measurement procedures to reduce the discrepancy in ESG ratings.

Project Sage 3.0 – Tracking venture capital, private equity and private debt with a gender lens

Project Sage 3.0 is the third part of a series, examining the landscape of gender lens investing in venture capital, private equity and private debt from 175 surveyed funds. Key findings see a 58.6% increase in gender focused capital and an increase of over $2 billion in capital raised.

Greenwashing risks in asset management: Staying one step ahead

The practice of greenwashing is a key regulatory concern in the UK, EU and globally. Greenwashing involves making misleading statements about sustainable products. This report examines how greenwashing occurs and the regulatory initiatives that have emerged to combat this. The report provides five steps firms can take to prevent greenwashing.

Global ESG disclosure standards for investment products

1 November 2021
This report presents the “Global ESG disclosure standards for investment products” developed by the CFA Institute to facilitate fair representation and full disclosure by investment managers in relation to how environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) issues are considered in an investment product’s objectives, investment process or stewardship activities.

A status report on financial institutions’ experiences from working with green, non green and brown financial assets and a potential risk differential

This 2020 report presents the results from a survey that assesses whether a risk differential can be detected between green, non-green and brown financial assets (loans and bonds). Based on information obtained by 49 banks, it presents a snapshot of current practices among financial institutions in their asset allocation.

Global sustainable investment review 2020

This report maps the state of sustainable investment in the global financial markets and demonstrates that sustainable investment is a major force that is shaping the global capital markets. It also highlights the rapid developments within sustainable investment industry and emphasises moving the industry towards best standards of practice.

Healthy competition: Why the safest bet for investors is healthier retail markets and how to get there

11 March 2020
This second briefing report explores ShareAction’s Healthy Markets campaign, featuring the UK food retailers most exposed to the childhood obesity agenda. The brief is designed to inform and support investor stewardship and company engagement through an analysis of their disclosure policies and practices for healthy eating.
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